How accurate is the death toll from Corona?

More than 3 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus and more than two lakh deaths have taken place. But how accurate is this figure of deaths?

Every day, the number of people dying due to corona across the world is increasing. Thousands of people are falling prey to it every day. But every country is adopting a different method to record data. It is not that there is a way to collect data like WHO certified methods of treatment and precautions. In such a situation, the credibility of these figures is questioned.

In Germany, Spain, South Korea and Luxembourg, every person whose death has been positive because of the Corona test is put on the list of those who died due to Kovid-19. Then whether the person dies in the hospital or at home. In Belgium, more than half of the deaths occurred in nursing homes. Here even those people who were suspected to be corona were kept in the list but their tests were not done. In France too, a third of deaths occurred in nursing homes.

In China and Iran, only those people who died in the hospital were listed. The death toll in the house was not included in it. Britain is also in the same situation. There the Office for National Statistics is publishing the figures every week but ten days old. Also, there is no mention of the affairs of Scotland and Northern Ireland. READ MORE

The highest number of deaths in Europe occurred in Italy. But official records show that only large old age homes were added to the list. At the same time, in America, where the world’s maximum deaths have occurred, the way of every state is different from other states. For example, New York includes the number of deaths in nursing homes, while California does not. So far, the death toll in America has crossed 50 thousand.

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Where there are deaths in the hospital, it is not necessary that every death is added to the list. Belgium, Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, South Korea and Spain have decided that if the corona test of the person who died has been positive, it will be added to the list, even if the death is due to an already ongoing disease. Have happened In contrast, Iran does not do this. Even if a person who has done a positive test has died due to some other respiratory problem, it is not added to the list. In the US, people are complaining that when the test was not readily available, the cause of death of many people was stated to be pneumonia and they were not included in the list whereas pneumonia is caused by corona.

According to the French Institute for Demographic Studies, Gilles Poisson and France Mesley try to work as fast as possible during the epidemic, but it takes time to gather accurate information. He said, “It may take several weeks or several months to understand properly how many deaths must have occurred.”

In the US, if the person had not had a corona test before his death and the doctor suspected a corona, he could give Kovid-19 a “probable cause” on the death certificate. But it cannot be officially included in the list of deaths due to corona. In the same way, if there was no test before the death in Spain, then it cannot be entered in the list. Spain says that he is currently not in a condition to test after death. In March, the figures revealed by the judicial authorities in the Costilla La Mancha area were three times more than the figures of the health officials. At the same time, some states in Germany did tests even after death, but due to different rules of each state, no common list of such cases could be made.

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Many countries are also facing allegations of hiding the real data and lying. The US has been continuously accusing Iran of hiding data. China’s statistics remain the subject of discussion around the world. After showing low numbers for several weeks, on April 17, the figure for China suddenly saw a jump of 40 per cent. 1300 more cases were added from Wuhan, where the virus originated. The government said that due to death in the house, these people could not be added to the list earlier.

In such a situation, even though officially two lakh people have lost their lives in the world so far, the actual figure can be many times more. Even after the end of this crisis, perhaps scientists can only give an estimate. The real number will always remain a puzzle.

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