Opportunity for freshers, companies are recruiting extensively

Faizan Musanna
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


Companies Hiring

About 15 per cent of companies in Indian cities plan to recruit freshers from February to April 2021. This is revealed by a survey by learning solutions firm Team Liège EdTech. TeamLean’s EdTech CEO Shantanu Rouge said that despite Corona’s epidemic, freshers are on the agenda of companies.

Opportunities for whom?

More than 800 companies from 14 cities were included in this survey. They were from 18 sectors. Her intention in the survey was to know if she was recruiting freshers from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds. Newcomers can expect to find jobs in the roles of business development or sales professionals, graphic designers, digital marketing associates, content writers and web developers.

Where are the most job opportunities?

IT companies are recruiting the most. Of these, about 24 per cent expressed their intention to recruit freshers. It is followed by telecom companies (21%) and start-ups (19%) in e-commerce and technology. Healthcare, FMCG and financial services are again the places. The lowest intention of hiring was expressed in travel and hospitality.

What are the required skills?

The top soft skills that the company is seeking include Reasoning, Analytical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Critical Reasoning. Spreadsheet skills, product marketing, data analytics, web development and mobile app development are among the most sought after technical skills.