Pakistan: The case of the death of a Hindu girl is complicated

Faizan Musanna
4 min readOct 12, 2019


The cause of death of a Hindu student Namrata in Dental College in Larkana city of Sindh province in Pakistan is said to be strangulation. But the family refused to accept it and demanded a judicial inquiry into it.

According to the initial post-mortem report, there are also marks on Namrata’s neck but what caused her death can be confirmed only after the final report.

Namrata was a student of Asifa BB Dental College of Benazir Bhutto Medical University in Larkana, her corpse was recovered from hostel room number three last night.

SSP Larkana Masood Bangash told the media that Namrata’s brother was present at the time of postmortem while the room was closed from inside at the time of the incident. But despite that, the police was investigating whether it was suicide or murder.

He told that it may take two-three days to complete the investigation. READ MORE

On the other hand, Dr Vishal Chandani, Nimrita’s brother, has rejected the initial report. He says that the investigating officers in front of him wrote that there were scars on both hands and legs but it was not mentioned in the initial report.

Vishal said, “He asked to report at 11–12 pm but sent the report to us after 5 pm. The report said that there is a V-shape scar. I have an X-ray, in which the black colour is clearly visible. Therefore, we are not satisfied with the report at all. A judicial inquiry should be conducted into the incident.

During this, on Wednesday the night was held in Karachi on the demand of the Hindu community to investigate the death of Namrata.

Sindh province minister Mukesh Chawla reached out to talk to the protesters but the protesters said that the protest would continue until Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah spoke to them and assured them of getting justice.

Later provincial advisor Murtaza Wahab along with Mukesh Chawla also reached out and assured the protesters that the hostel warden would be suspended while the vice-chancellor would be given a show-cause notice as the vice-chancellor could not be removed without a show-cause notice. He also accepted the demand for a judicial inquiry into the incident.

Earlier, Dr Anila Ataurrahman, Vice Chancellor of the Benazir Bhutto Medical University, on Tuesday went to the family of Nimrita and expressed condolences and said that she is investigating the matter. But the family were not satisfied with this and said that they would accept only judicial inquiry.

Angry over Namrata Kumari’s death in Pakistan

The case of death of medical student Namrata Kumari in Pakistan’s Sindh province in the suspicious condition is quite hot. Justice for Nimrita #JusticeForNamrata is trending top on Twitter in Pakistan. Namrata Kumari was a medical final year student.

Many people of Pakistan are saying on Twitter that Namrta was raped and then murdered. Pakistan journalist Kapil Dev has written that the police should investigate it and tell how it happened.

It has been told in the news that, “A high-level team has been formed for the investigation. Namrata’s phone has been handed over to the forensic analyst. The room was closed from inside and there were marks around the neck. The room has been kept under security guard. This matter is at 11 o’clock in the day. The college administration had taken Namrta to the hospital.

Namrata Chandka was a student of Medical College. It has been published in Pakistani media that Namrta was found lying on the bed and a rope was tied around her neck. Pakistan’s Namrta’s room was closed from inside. Police say that it is too early to say whether it is suicide or murder.

Pakistani journalist Kapil Dev has also shared a video from his Twitter account. He wrote, “Doctor Vishal, brother of the deceased medical student Namrata believes that his sister has been killed. They believe that Namrata was sexually harassed/blackmailed. ‘’

Aliza Ansari wrote, “One more day and one more such a bad incident.” Where was the security of the medical college when this murder took place. Why did the head of Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto did not make any statement on this incident? ‘’

Tagging Dr Sefulullah Khan Bilawal Bhutto writes, “A final year student at Chandka Medical College has been found dead in her hostel. Please investigate this. “Bushra has written,” What is happening in the interior areas of Sindh? Imran Khan gets justice for this girl.

According to the Express Tribune, hostel girls knocked Namrta’s door and people got suspicious if there was no response. The hostel guard broke the door and then could enter. Larkana DIG Irfan Ali Baloch has given the responsibility of investigating it to SSP Masood Ahmed Bangesh.

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