Trump’s plan is an insult to the Palestinians

Faizan Musanna
6 min readJan 30, 2020


US President Trump’s Middle East peace plan has been made keeping in mind only the interests of the Israelis, while the interests of the Palestinians have been ignored.

The dispute between Israel and the Palestinians has been unresolved for many decades. Neither war, attacks, nor rebellion, nor international initiative, regular support for peace treaties or UN resolutions have been able to change the status quo. The mistrust is very deep, and there is little on both sides in the preparation or ability of the historic agreement.

In such a situation, if President Trump had given a reliable message of peace in the Middle East from Washington, it could have been a hopeful message in the peace process. That we are standing at the mouth of a closed street, so now we are trying to walk on a completely new path with new ideas.

But Donald Trump is a president who is not known for his vision of peace. They also have no idea or solution for the Middle East. Conversely, his initiative, declared as a lot of centuries is not a deal decided after heavy bargaining between partners with equal rights. This is a clear attempt of the political decree. Israel’s security interests have been given generous attention in this plan, except for a few indications, while the Palestinians are not even partners in the construction of the plan, and they are clearly about to lose. There is a danger of losing their more areas to Israel.

Although it has been said to give him his kingdom, he will have to take care of the security interests of Israel and will be fully demilitarized. Jerusalem will forever be the undivided capital of Israel, as Trump had announced in 2015. And as a consolation prize, Palestinians will be able to make their capital in a small part of the city’s Arab population. Trump said that his plan would probably be the last chance for the Palestinians. They could also say, believe it or let it go. In this way, countries with two equal rights can never be created. Trump has given a solution to the Palestinians, not two states but one and a half states.

This political idea is not only immoral and degrading, because only one party is being benefited in a dispute between two parties. Trump’s peace plan is also dangerous because it gives Israel the open freedom to take control of Palestinian territories practically on the basis of so-called deals. This is good for Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu because so far no Israeli Prime Minister has succeeded in getting a better concession from the US.

This will benefit Netanyahu in the elections in Israel as well as the corruption trial in the court. But there will be heavy opposition to the peace plan from the Arab Muslim side. Radical forces are not happier because the peace plan gives them the right excuse for terror and violence. All this will certainly not make the Middle East safe. Neither does Israel.

US President Donald Trump has proudly said that his Middle East plan will be supported. But most experts believe that this plan will fail because of Israel’s open patronage and difficult conditions for the creation of a Palestinian state. Steven Cook, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations, says, “This is a never-ending step. The Palestinians reject it immediately. Those Israelites who reject any kind of Palestinian Are against hegemony. “

Cook also said that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has no intention of negotiating the plan, and it appears that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is also expecting Abbas to reject the plan. The Trump administration coordinated this plan with Israel. Under this, Netanyahu has got the green signal to grab most of the West Bank area. Netanyahu himself has already said that his cabinet will soon move forward on this path.

Former US Department of State Middle East expert Michelle Dunn says, “The plan is aimed at helping Prime Minister Netanyahu fight his current political and legal challenges, and who is leaning toward Israel in President Trump’s campaign for re-election.” Generating support for them among voters. “ Doon, now employed at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, also said that “There is no indication that this plan indicates that negotiations will begin.”

The Trump administration took three years to prepare this 80-page plan. The Palestinian leadership has boycotted Trump’s efforts. They consider Trump to be biased because of big steps such as disputing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Contrary to some expectations, Trump’s plan definitely mentions a Palestinian state and it’s capital around Jerusalem. But it would be in the eastern areas of the nearby Palestinian village of Abu Dis, near the capital city of Jerusalem, and the entire Jerusalem would be dominated by Israel. READ MORE

Under this plan, led by Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner, Israeli settlements in areas considered for the Palestinian state have also been allowed to last for four years. Apart from this, there is a proposal to connect Western Bank and Gaza with a corridor which will have fast traffic. Apart from this, there are many other proposals related to economic development in the plan. “Strategically, the plan has some good suggestions, but it is meaningless for Palestinians without the promise of a separate state,” says Cook.

Robert Satloff of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy welcomed it as a dose of realism in a long struggle. He said, “It is appropriate to make the Jordan River the security boundary of Israel. It is appropriate not to force the millions of Israelis who settled in the West Bank to resettle from there.” He also said, “These people have pulled so much about all these principles that they are no longer recognized. The control of Israeli security over the Jordan Valley has been made the absolute hegemony. Not a single removal of millions of inhabitants Resident has not been removed. “ Doon said that the basic headline of the plan is that it takes the eastern border of Israel to the banks of the Jordan River. He said, “Everything else is good. Whatever the plan gives to the Palestinians is immediate, stipulated and long-term. In other words, all of this may not happen.” READ MORE

He also said that Israel will not implement it until it approves the rulers of Gaza. Henry Rome, an analyst at the Eurasia Group Risk Consultancy, tweeted, “Until Hamas is either removed or disarmed or renounced violence or does not consider Israel a state of the Jewish people, the Palestinians will be denied this plan.” Zero will be found. Hamas has prohibition. “

For some observers the basic purpose of the Trump Plan is to make the parameters of the resolution more favourable to Israel in the long run. The capture of the Western Bank by Israel in disguise of the peace plan will become an indisputable fact for the Palestinians. Doon says, “No matter how weak the Palestinian people or their leadership are, they will always have the ability to say no and this time they will do the same. The real question is how will it lead the Palestinian movement. This plan Whether intended or not, it seems that this will intensify the process of transforming the struggle for an independent state into a struggle for rights on the lines of South Africa. “

Despite the Palestinian disapproval, the Trump scheme was welcomed by many friendly countries of America in Arab countries. All these countries together with Trump and Netanyahu are standing against Iran. Bahrain, Oman and UAE — Ambassadors of the three countries who did not accept Israel were present there during the announcement of the Trump Scheme. Egypt, the first Arab state to make peace with Israel, asked the Palestinians to “thoroughly and carefully inspect the proposal.”

Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, also tweeted, “The Palestinians will be tempted to reject the plan immediately but they must agree to a direct dialogue by tolerating this temptation, where they will be able to advocate whatever they want.” By rejecting it in any way, whatever hopes are there for a two-state solution will be weakened and the path of occupation will be easy. “

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