InvestWhat are the disadvantages of investing in mutual funds?

Faizan Musanna
3 min readFeb 27, 2021


You must be well aware of the risks involved before investing.

Many investors complain that they have suffered losses after investing in mutual funds. If you have also invested in mutual funds, then you should also take care of some things, so that you do not suffer loss.

According to mutual fund experts, “You need to keep in mind three things while investing in a mutual fund. What is the duration of your investment, how much risk can you take and what is the goal of your investment. If you are looking at these three Considering things, if you invest in mutual funds by avoiding greed, then you will not have to bear the loss. “

You must be well aware of the risks involved before investing. Informed said, “Mutual funds are market-linked investments and thus they can never be completely safe. There are many rules that apply to them to reduce the risk in MF investment. Money from mutual funds can be many. Investments are made in sectors. Thus they have less risk than investing directly in stocks or bonds. “

Diversification in your investment comes because of investing in mutual funds, because of this diversification, while the risk, on the one hand, is less, on the other hand, your profit also decreases. For those who want to earn more profits in a short time, investing in many mutual funds can prove to be the right option.

The cost of managing some mutual funds is very high. Mutual funds charge for managing the funds in your portfolio. From this, the fund manager’s salary and other expenses are borne. When you exit from a mutual fund before the deadline, you have to pay some cost in the form of exit load.

What are the disadvantages of mutual funds?

Returns on investment in mutual funds are not guaranteed. Every share that forms part of your MF portfolio brings a certain element of risk. In some instruments, the risk is high, while in others it is low. Mutual fund returns are linked to the performance of the stock market. Returns on mutual funds are not guaranteed. If your investment in equity mutual funds persists for a long period, then the risk potential decreases.

What is the benefit of investment from SIP?

By investing in mutual funds through SIP, you do not risk your entire investment once. You can earn the maximum possible profit by using the SIP technique. This amount invested every month averages the cost of your purchase, which increases your returns.

Can’t withdraw money from MF before the scheduled time?

Mutual funds such as close-ended and Equity Linked Savings Scheme ( ELSS ) have a lock-in period. During this time you cannot get your money back. Your money gets tied up in such a mutual fund investment. If you invest in ELSS funds to save income tax, then there is a need to take care of the lock-in period.