What is the most favourite street food in India?

Faizan Musanna
4 min readJun 30, 2020


After a long lockdown, the country is slowly unlocking. However, to avoid Kovid-19, people still have to follow certain rules for their safety.

But, as concessions are being received, markets are reverberating. Soon people will come out of the house and enjoy chaat pakoras. The shops of Gol-Gappas and Chats will gather again.

If people missed the most in lockdown, then it was the gossip.

Gol-gappa is the most favourite street food in India. If you speak in Mumbai language, water-puri In Uttar Pradesh, they are called banished of water, and in Kolkata it bursts.

According to the news published in the newspapers, during the lockdown, the method of making the largest number of goal gappas on Google was searched in India. A jump of 107 per cent was seen in its search. In the last few weeks, it was seen that some social media were also praising Pani-Puri.

People were telling how much they were missing due to lack of water. The fun of eating gol-gappe is also standing near the hand cart. You stand with a plate near him and he will fill you with crispy gol-gappa by filling peas or potatoes with sour, sweet and chilly water.

Gol-gappa splits as soon as it is placed in the mouth and the taste of sour-sweet water and crunchy gol-gappa is wonderful in the mouth. It cannot be described in words.

By the way, many people make very tasty water puris at home too. In a lockdown, people had no option but to make it at home.

Where did pani-puri or gol-gappa come from? how to come? There are many interesting stories about it too.

Food experts say that chaat was prepared in the seventeenth century in North India during the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

It is said that when Emperor Shah Jahan settled his capital in the present-day Old Delhi, people started having trouble with the saltwater of Yamuna.

So Hakim Sahab advised that to avoid alkaline, start using fried, spicy snacks. Also, increase the use of curd. It is said that only after this, the people experimented and prepared Gol Gappas, then as workers started moving to other cities in search of work, Gol Gappas also reached there with them.

And it became the most liked snack across the country. In view of the increasing popularity of Golppas, now they are also being sold in big restaurants.

However, there you will find much different flavoured water along with traditional tamarind and green chutney water. Some well-known restaurants and hotels will also get spicy vodka shots and guacamole with chutney. But these big-name restaurants do not stand anywhere in front of those who sell golgappas on the cart.

The seller of chaat gives chaat to each of his customers according to his taste. You are late for just pointing.

Then see how he feeds you the water of your choice. Someone says, brother, give it a swollen cap. Somebody likes flour.

Someone enjoys with green chutney, then one needs it with sweet chutney. Gol-gappa or water-whole food is also an art.

They are not spontaneously eaten with spoon, knife and fork. Rather, it has to be lifted by hand and placed in the mouth. And Gol-Gappa should be broken in the mouth.

Only then will the water feel full. Gol-gappas are made in any city, but with nineteen-twenty ups and downs, the taste is almost the same everywhere. The only difference is that the flour is made of flour somewhere. All-purpose flour and flour is made by mixing flour.

In India, just as people enjoy debating political issues or cricket, they enjoy talking about the variety of goals.

Where the best round-ups are sold, people even bet on it. Leave it where good gossip is sold and let it sell.

Method of making round balls

1 teaspoon Roasted Cumin Powder

Half a teaspoon asafoetida

1 tablespoon ground black pepper

2–3 tablespoons jaggery powder

Blend them all in 2 litres of water and keep it.

Ingredients for making sweet and sour water-

Soak a little tamarind pulp in water.

A pinch of roasted cumin powder

Cook tamarind and jaggery together, then add a pinch of rock salt, roasted cumin powder and black pepper powder and make a thick sauce.

Make some boiled and mashed potatoes or crispy boondi, if you want to mix it in water for taste.

Ingredients for making puri

Knead them all with some water. Leave it like this for 30 minutes. Then make small dough from the dough and roll it into a thin round.

Then deep fry it on low heat. Take out the oil and place it on a mesh to remove excess oil.

Take your pani puri ready. Serve with chutney and sour sweet water and you can also enjoy Mumbai Pani-Puri.

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