You can take these four steps to increase your income

Faizan Musanna
3 min readMar 1, 2021


If you develop a second source of income, it can help you achieve your financial goal.

Due to rising inflation, many people are looking for opportunities to increase income. If you develop a second source of income, it can help you achieve your financial goal.

Many of your problems can be solved by side income. But you have to check whether your employer allows such side business.

The policy of many companies is such that you cannot do any work separately. After this, you also have to take care of your income tax liability.

We are telling you those four ways with which you can increase your income.

1. Social Media Manager

What you have to do: If you have a lot of followers on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, then you can do an influential work on them.

Whom to work for: Fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle and food brands want you to work.

What to do: According to the agreement already made, you will get a fee for each post. Or you can get a fixed amount for the month.

How much you can earn: If you have 20,000 followers on Instagram, then a brand or campaign can give you up to Rs 5000 for a post. If the number of your followers is between 50,000 and one lakh, then you can get 20 to 50,000 rupees for a post.

If the number of your followers is more than five lakhs, then you can ask for one lakh rupees for a post.

2. Online tuition

What to do: Provide online tuition with the help of software like TeamViewer or skype.

Who is your customer: Students or their parents sitting anywhere from USA-UK.

How long work: Based on pre-fixed condition. Study for 8–12 hours a week.

How much will you earn Foreign students give you 10 dollars for this. By the way, there is more demand for online tuition in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science for high school children. You can earn up to 500–1000 rupees per hour for this. If there is a foreign student taking tuition, then you can get up to $ 25–30 per hour for this.

3. Visiting Faculty / Guest Lecturer

What you have to do: You are an expert on a subject. You can tie students to that topic.

Who is your customer: Management, engineering or other institutes

What is the work: If the institute is local, then three to four lectures will have to be given in a week. If the institute is large, it can talk to you for 30–40 hours of lecture throughout the semester.

How much you can earn: This subject depends on your skills and your institute. If you go to teach in a good institute, then you can earn up to four lakh rupees every semester. Along with this, you get separate expenses for travelling. If the institutes are small, you can get up to 700–1,500 rupees per lecture.

4. Content Writing

What you have to do: Writing related to the subject in which you have a good hold.

Who is your customer: websites and companies

What to do: It depends on the agreement with you. Companies can ask for two to four articles a week. These can be 500–700 words.

How much will you earn? Generally, you get one to three rupees per word. In the case of special articles, the amount can be found for Rs 5–6 per word or up to Rs 10. Sometimes you get a lump sum according to the article.